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Alabama Restaurant Association (ARA) members receive a 20% DISCOUNT on ALL ServSafe® and National Restaurant Association Solutions related product.
Remember, the MORE you SPEND the MORE you SAVE!
$1,500.00                       $300.00                                        $1,200.00
$3,000.00                       $600.00                                        $2,400.00
$5,000.00                       $1,000.00                                     $4,000.00

Answers to your most FAQ's on Ordering Products!

In October 2009, the Alabama Restaurant Association (ARA) announced the transition of all ServSafe® Food Safety and Alcohol product orders to be placed directly with National Restaurant Association (NRA) Solutions. Many of you have called with questions about the transition. Here is a complied a list of FAQ's to address some of your deepest concerns.

Why has the order process changed?
Again this change is a good thing. Thanks to our loyal customers, YOU, the ARA is growing all ServSafe® product and workshop sales above and beyond its wildest dreams. The tremendous growth has brought the need for added support that ordering directly from NRA Solutions brings. Besides, this gives ARA more time to spend working on efforts that are important to supporting your ServSafe® Food Safety and Alcohol training statewide.

How do I order ServSafe products now?
You can order ServSafe® products through the ARA-ServSafe landing page online or by calling customer service at 800-765-2122 ext. 6701.

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Do I still get my ARA member discount?
Yes! All ARA members are still eligible for the 20% discount when placing orders with NRA Solution either online or by phone. When calling, be sure to say that you are an ARA member. However, when you place orders online the discount should automatically be displayed (be sure to use ARA-ServSafe landing page). If you do not see the discount call Tashana Thomas at 404-717-7551 and she will take care of it.

I don't have a credit line with NRA Solutions yet what do I do?
    •    You can apply for credit with the NRA Solutions by downloading the application form.
    •    FAX your completed application to (312) 583-9707 or (866) 665-9570 and mark Attn: Credit Manager
    •    Or MAIL your completed application to the: National Restaurant Association Solutions, 175 West Jackson Boulevard, Suite 1500, Chicago, Illinois 60604-2702. Attn: Credit Manager.

This should take about 3 to 5 business days to process. If you have any problems contact Tashana Thomas. In the meantime, you can still place your orders with Tashana Thomas.

I am still confused what do I do?
Give Tashana Thomas a call at 404-717-7451. She will be more than happy to walk you through each step of the process.


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