ServSafe® Alcohol Program Overview

ServSafe® Alcohol Advanced Certification Course

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This includes instruction and The Fundamentals of Responsible Alcohol Service textbook, which will provide practical yet comprehensive knowledge that assists all front-of-the-house staff in learning what they need to know to serve alcohol responsibly.

Who Should Attend: All front-of-the-house staff, including bartenders, waiters, hosts, busers, security, and valets.

Why You Should Attend: Proper alcohol service is a responsibility we all share.  The consequences of service violations can be serious, so it's vital that your entire staff gets involved to help prevent improper service.  The new Fundamentals of Responsible Alcohol Service course assists in giving your staff the training they need to help ensure every drink served is a safe one.  This nationally recognized certification is valid for three years.

Course Format: For your convenience, the Alabama Restaurant Association offers the ServSafe® course in a one-day format.

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Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board Responsible Vendor Program

Responsible Vendor Program/Benefits to Restaurants Owners

The Alabama ABC Board implemented the Responsible Vendor Program (RVP) in October 1990. The program requires the training of all employees involved in the management, sale, or service of alcoholic beverages. An average of 1,000 employees are trained each month throughout the State of Alabama. Training includes Alabama law regarding the sale or service of alcohol, practical techniques for determining if the customer is of legal age, civil and criminal penalties, and techniques for reducing the risk inherent in the sale/service of alcohol. Licensees who voluntarily join the program are required to establish policies ensuring legal and responsible sales and service, and to train employees in these policies.

For most licensees, participation in the program is voluntary. However, Alabama law requires mandatory participation for on-premises licensees who hold a retail restaurant license (020 license type), and who wish to hire 19- and 20- year old servers and allow those servers to deliver alcohol to customer tables. Otherwise, persons under the age of 21 are prohibited from delivering the alcohol to customer tables.

Benefits of participating in the program include:

  • Protection of the beverage license in the event that a trained employee sells/serves an underage customer without the knowledge, consent, or participation of the owner.
  • Reducing the risk of dram shop lawsuits by effectively training employees.
  • Broadening the hiring base for retail restaurant licensees.
  • Improving the business relationship with local communities by preventing problem situations that can lead to fines and bad press.
  • Making communities safer by refusing sales and service to underage and intoxicated customers.

Guidelines to become and maintain RVP status:

  1. ALL front of the house staff and at least 1 (or more) managers must be trained. The managers must take the ServSafe Alcohol™ Advanced Course and then become the onsite Trainer.
  2. Restaurant must have a course Provider and Custodian of Records that can maintain all training records.
  3. New hires must be trained within 30 days of hire date.
  4. The Alabama ABC Board requires a 6-month review to maintain certification.

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