Association Benefits and Services

Take advantage of the many benefits and services you can receive as an added value of being an Alabama Restaurant and Hospitality Alliance member. If you are not already a member, join today!


Conference calling has never been easier set up and use than with ARHA's new AlwaysOn Conferencing program with Conference America. Sign up with Conference America and make crystal-clear conference calling at only 3.5 cents per minute simply by dialing in on your toll free access number - no time-consuming set up required. Provide your conference participants the toll free number and their passcode, along with the time you want them to call in, and presto, you have set up your conference call!  You control the call (recording, muting, roll call, etc.) with simple touch tone commands. There is even the ability to deliver visual presentations through your computer. To sign up, contact our ARHA account manager Matthew Wallace at to get signed up. Make sure you mention you are an ARHA member.



Access the nation's best sources for your hiring needs brought to you by the Alabama Restaurant and Hospitality Alliance in conjunction with the National Restaurant Association. CareerBuilder was founded in 1995 and, in just under 10 years, became the industry leader in job postings and traffic, with more than 24 million unique visitors each month. JobsOnTheMenu launched in 2008 and their postings reach over 700,000 unique visitors, monthly . is the leading resource for companies who are interested in hiring both hourly and management restaurant talent. Because of its partnership with CareerBuilder, is able to offer employers unmatched exposure for their job opportunities to candidates who are experienced working in the food service industry. Members can advertise positions on either or The program offers discounts of over 40% to list on and over 80% on For more information, click here.


 WellCard Health gives members and their families access to pre-negotiated discounts on prescription drugs and a wide range of healthcare services. All services are available with no administrative fees or costs. Save up to 25% on doctors visits, up to 35% on dental services, up to 50% on vision services, up to 60% on lab work, up to 50% on prescription drugs, and much much more. Members can request as many WellCard enrollment cards as they need. For more information, contact ARHA at 334-244-1320, or click here to visit the WellCard Health website.


National Discount program that can save members up to 80% off preferred products, and at least 15% off the 3,000 most commonly used products. Use at the store or order online and receive free shipping on orders of $50 or more. There is no cost or obligation to obtain the card. For more information, go to Members who order just $100 worth of office supplies monthly receive an average savings of at least $180!








State law requires businesses that employ five or more employees to provide workers’ compensation insurance to cover medical and disability expenses from a work-related injury. AlaCOMP was created in 1992 and was designed exclusively for industry specific associations. ARHA is a sponsoring association of the AlaCOMP Fund. AlaCOMP has the capability to offer competitive rates by coordinating underwriting, claims and loss prevention through one centralized management system. Not only do members receive competitive pricing, but members who control their losses earn dividends that offset the cost of their insurance, a benefit not offered by most commercial programs. In fact, dividends have been paid to AlaCOMP’s eligible members every year since its inception. As an added bonus members enrolling in the Fund receive a savings of at least $100 off their dues.





Revolutionize your business operations and maximize your profitability with Full Course Business Solutions, brought to you by the Alabama Restaurant and Hospitality Alliance and Heartland Payment Systems. Full Course delivers an exclusively endorsed suite of payment products including card processing, gift marketing, payroll services, tip management and check management services - all from one source. These effective tools and resources empower you to reduce your expenses, enhance your operations and increase your profitability. To learn more about Full Course, click here.





Alabama has a Responsible Vendor Program (RVP) that is mandatory for on-premises licensees who hold a retail restaurant license and who wish to hire 19- and 20-year-old servers and allow the servers to deliver alcohol to customer tables. licensees also receive other benefits, including protection of the beverage license in the event that a trained employee sells/serves an under age customer without the knowledge, consent, or participation of the owner; discounts on liquor liability insurance; and reducing the risk of dramshop lawsuits by effectively training employees.  ARHA, in partnership with TSC Associates, offers, a turnkey approa to training and meeting the state's requirements for the RVP. Program. Members receive a 5% discount on their services.





Employers and employees today need constant professional training and educational information to keep them abreast of the latest in the industry. Plus, Alabama has adopted the FDA Food Code and requires all foodservice operations to be trained in a recognized food safety program, and the nationally recognized ServSafe® program is the preferred program of the Department of Health. ARA offers a variety of options to comply with the state’s requirements, including offering one-day ServSafe® classes throughout the state to meet the needs of foodservice operators. Members receive over a 30% discount on these classes.






ARHA members and stay connected with the Association in the industry through a number of communications channels. Restaurant members receive the electronic newsletter, "Appeteazers" and Lodging members receive the monthly electronic newsletter "Check-In" on a monthly basis filled with stories of interest, upcoming events, and the latest news. Members receive the ARHA "Government Affairs Report" on a weekly basis during the session and as needed during the rest of the year. These timely reports keep members abreast of industry issues and provide details on how to get involved in the legislative process. And quarterly the Association publishes "The Main Entrée ", filled with industry stories, Association happenings, and information operators can use to continually professionalize their operation.






Many restaurants and hotels play recorded music or have live entertainment for the enjoyment of their customers. By doing so, however, they are subject to music copyright laws. Rather than have to pay a percentage of each song played in the restaurant individually to song writers, which would not be practical, several music licensing societies (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC for example) formed to offer blanket licenses for these performances. Congress has affirmed the right of song writers and the use of these societies for enforcement of public performances of their music in hotels and restaurants. Businesses that violate the copyright laws, if discovered by one of the music licensing societies, will face lawsuit and eventually be forced to sign a contract with the music licensing society, or face heavy fines and penalties. BMI and ARHA have an agreement to offer discounts to members in exchange for the Association offering more education to its members on music copyright laws. ARA’s role is to provide the information to the members and let the member decide for themselves the need to enter into a contract with BMI. Restaurant members are eligible for a 10% savings, and Lodging members are eligible for a 1% savings on their BMI Music License. This savings is in addition to BMI’s built in 10% Timely Payment Discount, which is available to all hotels, bars, restaurants, and other eating and drinking establishments. This means that members of ARHA can save up to 20% on BMI fees. For more information, contact BMI at 800.925.8451, email or visit




Email marketing is a powerful way for restaurants of all sizes to target communications to their guests. Fishbowl has helped 40,000 restaurants opt-in over 70 million guests. Fishbowl's easy to use email marketing solutions are specifically designed for operators, making it easy to build a loyal customer database and create attractive, professional email campaigns to drive traffic to their business. As the endorsed partner of the Alabama Restaurant and Hospitality Alliance, Fishbowl is proud to offer exclusive benefits to members: Unlimited Email Campaigns; Automated Loyalty Messsages;(Welcome, Birthday & Anniversary); List Building Tools (Sign up Slips, Online Join Form, & Data Entry Services); Social Media Integration Including Facebook Sign-up Forms; Over 450 Restaurant Specific Templates; and Dedicated Customer Support to Ensure Members are not left Hanging . Members save 10%, plus, members receive the first 30 days free and a Free Facebook Join! Learn more about Fishbowl and its services, click here. To sign up  for a free demo, click here.






A growing percentage of Americans are becoming concerned about the content of the food they eat. Knowing what is in the food prepared by foodservice operators is often difficult to find out. ARHA, through its partnership with the National Restaurant Association, offers a product to achieve this goal. Members who desire to offer this service to the consumer can sign up with Healthy Dining Finder and submit recipes of menu items of their choosing to them. Healthy Dining Finder will independently analyze the food content of the recipe and publish it on their web site. Consumers can log on to the web site and search for restaurants offering the service, and review the submitted menu items. Healthy Dining’s team of registered dietitians and nutrition marketing experts will make nutrition a positive for your restaurant. Through the Healthy Dining Finder Program, your restaurant and its healthier options will be promoted to the growing segment of consumers interested in healthy lifestyles and wellness. Healthy Dining is a twenty-year pioneer in restaurant nutrition and a five-year partner of the National Restaurant Association. They focus on accuracy and provide excellent customer service. For more information, please contact or visit 20% discount for ARHA members! 





If one of your standards is food safety, we have the exclusive tool for you. In fact, Red Book Solutions, in partnership with the National Restaurant Association, has created three daily playbooks which incorporate ServSafe® and ServSafe Alcohol® policies and procedures into your everyday activities. Along with promoting the habits of top performers to plan, execute, and evaluate every day, now you can guide your practices to deliver accountability and compliance through food safety and responsible alcohol service. ARHA members receive 10% OFF when they order any of The National Restaurant Association Editions of The Manager’s Red Book, The Heart of the House Yellow Book and the The Bar Green Book. For more information, call 800.526.9635 or visit ARHA Red Book .




 Restaurant members are automatically members in the National Restaurant Association, and receive such benefits as a Free NRA Show badge ($80.00 value); Complimentary calls to the knowledge center ($100 value); Complimentary copy of the Annual Industry Forecast ($100 value); Complementary download copy of the Legal Problem Solver ($100 value); Publication discounts (average savings $65.00 per publication; and much more.

Lodging members are automatically members in the American Hotel and Lodging Association, and receive such benefits as a 20-40% discount on EI products (average savings $200); Up to 40% off supplies at Staples (average savings of over $500); Free listing on ($100 value); Free copy of AHLA’s lodging survey ($150 value); Free copy of guest safety video ($25 value); 20% discount at (average savings of $100); and much more. 







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